Kent Pet Group is proud to maintain an 85-plus year legacy as a family-owned company that is dedicated to its customers. The company was built on our founder’s inventive spirit and our independent standing gives us the flexibility to push product innovation to new places while remaining close to the partners and customers we serve every day.

Kent Pet Group operates as a highly independent business unit of Kent Corporation and its core business is World’s Best Cat Litter™, the fastest-growing natural litter brand in the U.S.

As a privately held company, we operate a fun, family-friendly and team-oriented work environment. We are dedicated to serving our community and are committed to benefiting pets, people and the planet.

Sessions from Kent Pet Group:

Transformative tech: How Kent Pet is leveraging technology to bring actionable insights to their organization

When done right, insights can transform an organization from the inside out. But you’ve got to own your research, dig deep into your findings and advocate for data-driven change. And [...]


Tuesday | 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm | Room 4