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World-leading experience and research technology. The future is here today, we call it Human Experience or HX for short.

At Forsta we begin with the premise that behind every data point is a person, a real human being.

You need to get closer to them to fully understand their experiences, really see who they are, better respond to their needs and build genuine lasting relationships with them. We will build and run the simplest and most connected platform designed to turn data into insights and insights into stories that fuel real action.

Sessions from Forsta:

Making the magic happen: How to create the ultimate agile 360 segmentation to drive engagement and growth

Magic happens when you pair high velocity market research consulting with the most advanced survey and data processing technologies. We take you through how agility and rigorous methodology go hand-in-hand [...]


Monday | 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm | Room 2