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EMI – Research Solutions is a leading provider of online sample for quantitative research. Since 1999, we have provided top Market Research firms, ad agencies, and brands with high quality consumer, B2B, and Healthcare sample around the globe. EMI is a solutions expert for online market research. In the world of online sample, we work without the bias of having our own panel, and strategically aggregate a network of panels with our clients, choosing the best options based upon their objectives. This bias and advocacy to our client’s needs rather than our own panel, ensure that clients get the best and correct sample for any particular study or target.

Our clients range from Top 50 market research firms, advertising agencies, and polling companies. EMI delivers on commitments to its clients with an access and breadth of targeting that is unparalleled in the industry. Our panel partner assessment process only allows in less than 40% of all sample providers, so we can ensure the best quality.

IntelliBlend® is EMI’s unique methodology of blending sample sources in an intentional and controlled approach in order to deliver the most representative and accurate demographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data. This approach includes double opt-in research panels but may also include non-traditional sources such as social media, which is utilized in a limited and controlled manner. IntelliBlend® can vary from project to project based on the needs of the research. The unique blend is developed by leveraging proprietary research on research data as well as 17 years of sample experience. For ongoing work, the sample plan is replicated from wave to wave utilizing EMI’s SWIFT Dashboard, which enforces sample source quotas, thus ensuring data consistency.

Sessions from EMI Research Solutions:

Uncovering the truth: Mental health and the combined power of narrative inquiry and strategic sample blending

Mental health awareness has made strides in reducing stigma in mainstream media, but negative attitudes toward mental illnesses persist. When combined with traditional gender roles and expectations of masculinity, the [...]


Tuesday | 11:15 am - 11:45 am | Room 4