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At C+R Research, a full-service marketing insights agency, we’ve been helping brands grow for over 60 years, delivering great research, deep perspective and committed client service. We’re known for designing innovative custom methodologies for answering complex marketing questions, high-quality analytical insights and delivering senior-level attention throughout every phase of our clients’ projects. We embrace a “whatever-it-takes” philosophy on every client engagement and are flexible enough to adapt to our clients’ needs, however challenging they may become. We offer an array of effective, customizable techniques for traditional and online qualitative, quantitative, mobile, and community-based research both in the U.S. and globally. When the need arises for quick-turn insights, we have a full suite of effective agile research solutions. We are recognized in the industry for our focused knowledge and consultative expertise in the youth and family, Latino and multicultural consumer segments. Our dedicated Shopper Insights practice is led by former client-side researchers who have deep expertise and understanding of today’s omnichannel shopper. And, our suite of Illuminator® shopper solutions provides the most complete, detailed and up-to-date data on consumer purchase behaviors. Whatever the business challenge, our goal is to always provide smartly-designed research and thoughtful insights that inspire decisions and accelerate brand growth.

Sessions from C+R Research:

Collaborative partnerships lead to stronger actionable insights

The speed at which the marketplace is changing means that there is little room for error in quickly developing actionable insights from research. This makes it even more important for [...]


Monday | 2:15 pm - 2:45 pm | Room 4

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In each session room you will find pens and notepads for you to jot down ideas you learn at the event or just doodle.

Notepads and pens courtesy of C+R Research.

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Booth 507

Stop by C+R Research booth to grab a bag of Chicago’s own Garrett Popcorn and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Meta Quest 2 VR Headset!