We’re frustrated by market research that isn’t insightful or actionable! At Beall Research, Inc., what differentiates us is psychologically-inspired frameworks to identify the underlying drivers of behavior – like emotions. Through years of experience and research, we’ve learned that consumers don’t think their way through the marketplace; they feel their way to purchasing. We collect and analyze emotional experience and expression through self-reported measures, facial expressions, and body language, in real-time and through video analysis. We have a framework for identifying and analyzing the emotions brands evoke in consumers. We leverage these insights in qualitative and quantitative work.

Sessions from Beall Research:

Want your brand to capture their hearts? Identify and address buyers’ emotional needs

Emotional connections with brands drive purchasing behavior, but what sparks it? We have previously shared a model of how brands trigger emotional responses and emotional identification in consumers. But what [...]


Monday | 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm | Room 4