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Aha! is the strategic online qualitative research platform designed to give clients, research companies and consultants the tools to easily create and deploy successful consumer and B2B research studies.

Using our comprehensive and flexible projective, social, video, live webcam and mobile tools, the Aha! platform allows insight teams multiple options for designing digital ethnography, multi-day attitudinal and behavioral studies, concept testing, home-use testing, customer experience and journey mapping, product usage diaries and much more.

The skilled Aha! team also provides study design, programming, recruiting and consulting, plus hands-on training and tech support.

Sessions from Aha! Insights Technology:

Leveraging activity-based methods to discover your brand’s Aha! moments

Over the last three years, digital qualitative research has come of age. It has evolved from a research staple to an essential driver for understanding customer attitudes, perceptions and behaviors. [...]


Monday | 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Room 1