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84.51° is a retail data science, insights and media company. We help the Kroger company, consumer packaged goods companies, agencies, publishers and affiliated partners create more personalized and valuable experiences for shoppers across the path to purchase. Powered by cutting edge science, we leverage 1st party retail data from nearly 1 of 2 US households and 2BN+ transactions to fuel a more customer-centric journey utilizing 84.51° Insights, 84.51° Loyalty Marketing and our retail advertising solution, Kroger Precision Marketing.

Sessions from 84.51:

The quest for quality: Benefits of behaviorally targeted sampling

It’s oftentimes hard to remember what we did yesterday, let alone what we purchased last month. Yet, much consumer research relies on consumers’ ability to recall their actual behavior. If [...]


Monday | 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm | Room 1

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