March 5-6, 2019

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The Future of Insights is Human

Room 1 | 10:45-11:15 | Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Corporate insights are evolving more significantly and faster than any other time in our history. An explosion of new data types, a fast-moving analytic landscape and changing stakeholder demands mean that every aspect of the “insights supply chain” is ripe for reinvention. What does that mean for our teams and our leaders? How do our evolving industry needs impact the people working to do so?

Marian Anderson, director of Microsoft’s customer and market research team, will take you on her team’s journey to build a digitally-transformed insights function. Anderson will speak in depth about the cultural transformation required within the team and the lessons learned along the way. This topic is a critical conversation for leaders who are interested in evolving their insights teams to deliver maximum business value in the current digital age. Growth mind-set required!


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