March 5-6, 2019

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Moments, Memory and Emotions: Leveraging Behavioral Economics to Re-Create Real-World Experiences

Room 5 | 5:00-5:30 | Tuesday, March 5, 2019

In this session we will present a case study illustrating how a behavioral economics approach can be leveraged to re-create consumers’ lived experiences. When examining people’s experiences with brands it’s critical to get an understanding of the underlying motivations which are powered by their emotions. To collect such data, however, requires a behavioral economics approach to avoid respondents from post-rationalizing their behavior.

For this study, we used two projective techniques – photo elicitation and metaphor elicitation – to aid respondents in re-creating a past drinking occasion. By leveraging existing photos taken by consumers, we relied on naturally occurring data that wasn’t created for the sake of market research. Through a photo elicitation exercise, the respondent re-lived a consumption occasion through storytelling. We then had the respondent complete a visual metaphor elicitation exercise about the consumption occasion to uncover their underlying emotional state. We collected data from over 2,000 respondents and leveraged AI-powered text analytics to identify and quantify salient emotions.

This study has enabled Diageo to develop brand strategies for its portfolio driven by real consumer insight. The hybrid qualitative and quantitative approach has allowed Diageo to optimize its brand positioning and messaging with confidence.


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