March 5-6, 2019

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Putting Patients Front and Center in Health Care Research

Just Worldwide specializes in health care research of rare populations across the globe. We need to get under the skin of patients and physicians to deliver the rich insight demanded in health care research and we need to uncover the hard truths that come with suffering from a serious illness and bring the patients to life – but how can this be achieved both effectively and efficiently?

Health care is a very personal and sensitive subject, it can be tough to talk about, so we share how we are able to get participants to open up and give us rich insight. By partnering with LivingLens and incorporating video we capture the emotional highs and lows from patients and physicians, gaining a unique lens into their lives in order to improve the patient journey.

Video means we get to see patients in person, we get to know them as individuals, without them needing to leave their homes and our clients needing to leave their office. By creating showreels of key insights we deliver insight with maximum impact through telling powerful stories. Participants, even the most non-tech savvy, take part with ease and feel part of something engaging and meaningful – actually making them fans of market research!

Presentation type:

  • Other

Subjects covered:

  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative


  1. How to gain in-depth, personal feedback from participants.
  2. How video provides a unique lens into people’s lives.
  3. How video delivers insight with impact.


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