March 5-6, 2019

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Personas vs. Segments: Why not Knowing the Difference can Cripple Your CX Program

Market segmentation has been around for years but user personas are a new addition to a marketer’s toolset. More established companies tend to lean on market segmentation, while digital-oriented and e-commerce companies tend to leverage user personas. Companies are using different methodologies to drive the same programs and inform similar strategies simply because they are more familiar with their own techniques.

Russell Research has developed a simple tool that helps teams develop data-backed personas which can answer complex product or service issues as well as unlocking the specific needs of an existing customer segment.

This session will help attendees understand what personas are, when they are most useful and a step-by-step process to successfully create personas to drive business decisions and CX goals.

Presentation type:

  • Best Practice Workshop

Subjects covered:

  • Business-to-business research
  • Customer experience
  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative


  1. A clear definition of what a persona is and when it is most useful in the context of CX.
  2. Simple tools and tactics to develop personas that are connected to customer segments and help make the segments more valuable.
  3. The specific strategic contexts when personas can add the most value to marketing, innovation and CX programs.


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