March 5-6, 2019

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Millennial Parenting: The New Family Dynamic

Open Mind Strategy (OMS) surveys and speaks personally with thousands of consumers every year via deep-dive techniques, including DiscoverJournalsTM, GroupStormsTM and in-home immersion. OMS Youth IQ is a quarterly survey of Gen Z and Millennials 13 to 37 with questions designed to stay on the pulse of youth today – their passions, goals, beliefs – as well as their fast-evolving media behaviors.

OMS will present five key thought-provoking insight themes about Millennial parents to spark thinking for how marketers and researchers approach this group.

Passion-Led Parenting: Millennials have always been known for cultivating and pursuing their passions. Now they’re not only making kids one of those passions and looking to encourage their kids’ passions but are also looking for ways to involve their kids in the hobbies/interests they already love.

Selective Strictness: Millennial parents are choosing where to be strict with their kids and where to involve their kids in personal and family decision-making. One area where they’re surprisingly strict is in screen use.

Co-Active Cooperation: Millennials have always been crowdsourcers. As parents they look for information beyond just one resource and rely on their own peers for parenting advice. Millennials are also the first generation where there are very few attitudinal differences between men and women.

The “Do It All” Mom: Millennial women grew up in an “alpha girl, beta boy” world where the girls always took charge. As parents, while they appreciate the increased involvement of dad, they also know “I’ve got this.” This often leads to them becoming a “default parent” and not always getting credit where credit is due.

The “Have It All” Dad: Millennials grew up knowing that women could do everything men could do, so more women were graduating and getting good jobs than ever before. As they become parents, men are stepping up and much more involved in the household.

Presentation type:

  • Research Report

Subjects covered:

  • Data integration/big data
  • Mobile research
  • Storytelling/data interpretation
  • Hybrid/mixed methods (qualitative, quant, mobile, SM)
  • Ethnographic/observational research
  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative


  1. OMS presents new framework of how to approach the “primary shopper” in a household by sharing insights highlighting how daily parenting duties extend beyond mom.
  2. Attendees will find out the truth about screen time strictness or lack thereof among Millennial parents. OMS research shows that commonly held assumption about Millennials’ attitudes towards technology are generally wrong.
  3. Attendees will learn more about what sources are most influential with Millennial parents. Traditionally they were influenced by their own parents, some by social media stars but what influences Millennials is peers dealing with similar issues and hashing it out on social media.


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