March 5-6, 2019

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Many Journey Maps Fail. Don’t Be a Statistic.

Journey-mapping is the best practice to understand how your customers view their experience; Forrester reports that 88 percent of customer experience (CX) professionals are mapping customer journeys and Temkin Group reports that 60 percent of CX pros are increasing their journey-mapping efforts. That’s no surprise, as journey-mapping combines best-in-class research techniques with compelling visualization. According to the Aberdeen Group, a strong journey management program offers multiple benefits, including reduced customer service costs, improvement to the sales cycle and increased employee engagement.

Unfortunately, according to a survey of CX and market research professionals, 65 percent of maps fail to drive customer-focused change, typically because the practitioners didn’t spend the time to prepare mapping the right journeys with the right customers.

Walk through case studies and learn the five critical journey-mapping questions used to ensure journey-mapping success, as outlined in the book How Hard Is It to Be Your Customer: Using Journey Mapping to Drive Customer-Focused Change:

  1. What is the business problem or opportunity?
  2. What is the right journey to map?
  3. Who is the right customer to map?
  4. What is the right approach to use to gather the voice of the customer?
  5. Who are the right members for your journey-mapping team?

Subjects covered:

  • Data visualization
  • Mobile research
  • Business-to-business research
  • Customer experience
  • Storytelling/data interpretation
  • Industry trends – future of marketing research
  • Ethnographic/observational research


  1. How to ensure you are selecting the most important business problems or opportunities.
  2. How to select the right approach to collect the voice of the customer as they go through the journey.
  3. How to engage the business in the mapping process, preparing the way for customer-focused change.


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