March 5-6, 2019

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How NPR is Building a Diverse Millennial Audience

Room 4 | 10:00-10:30 | Tuesday, March 5, 2019

NPR, like many other brands, is working hard to build loyalty among Millennials. With a cross-functional team, NPR tackled whether its challenge was in its product or in its marketing. The results were surprising and generated a lot of conversation about what seems to work and why. In this session, NPR’s Gwynne Villota will discuss the research scope and approach and outline strategies for working with stakeholders across an organization.


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Improving Research By Doing Research: Learning from Market Research Participants

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Wednesday | 11:30-12:00 | Room 4

Lessons Learned from Your Best and Worst Hires – A Panel Discussion

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Wednesday | 4:00-4:30 | Room 4

Where’s the Insight? How Wendy’s Uses Automated Video Analytics to Find the Right Insight Right Now

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Tuesday | 11:30-12:00 | Room 5