March 5-6, 2019

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How Millennials Define Love and Loyalty Today

Room 3 | 10:45-11:15 | Wednesday, March 6, 2019

What does love mean to young people today? It used to be about finding the perfect partner and living happily ever after. With dating apps and social media promising love just a swipe away, the excitement of something new is constantly at our fingertips. This study explores how young people define loyalty and approach love today. Gen Z has a practical mind-set around it. While they highly value love and loyalty and it still requires the same trust and dedication it always has, they are aware that they will likely fall in love multiple times in their life and that multiple people can fulfill their needs at the same time. It is no longer a one and only situation. This study will unpack how love can manifest in different ways across different relationships and how young people today are grappling with this reality given their social environment and the way they want to portray themselves in today’s world.


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