March 5-6, 2019

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How Dell EMC Tests and Strengthens Marketing Campaigns with Automated Research

Marketing results suffer if the messaging and design of your campaigns don’t resonate with your target audience. But aggressive schedules and lean budgets can make concept testing impossible.

Discover how Dell EMC found a research solution.

Dell EMC, an industry leader in converged infrastructure, servers, storage and data protection technologies, launches multiple digital marketing campaigns every year. These B2B campaigns target IT executives and managers and often highlight specific, quantifiable benefits of IT transformation with Dell EMC solutions.

Each campaign involves multiple executions across the digital landscape, requiring a tight, uncompromising development timetable. The schedules left no time for concept testing to ensure that the messaging resonated with IT professionals and that images and design reinforced the messaging with impact and immediacy.

In this presentation from Dell EMC’s Stephanie Woodstrom, joined by Zahara Malik from Dynata, you’ll learn how the team found an automated research solution that slashed concept testing from three weeks to five days. At the same time, the solution reduced costs – without sacrificing quality of insights even for a highly targeted B2B audience. Woodstrom will share:

  • The kinds of unexpected insights the team has learned from ongoing concept testing;
  • how they utilize real-time reporting and dashboard visualizations to keep campaign development moving;
  • how they’ve leveraged their findings to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing efforts; and
  • how your marketing or research team can do the same!


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