March 5-6, 2019

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Getting to Shopper Reality through Behavioral In-Person Research

Room 2 | 2:15-2:45 | Wednesday, March 6, 2019

In the quest to win at shopper marketing, in-person research has been a key weapon in the insights professional’s arsenal. Why? What better way to understand shopper reality than a solution that most closely approximates the consumer experience in-store? Behavioral science helps us to get closer to the consumers’ true motivations and their path-to-purchase through observations of their actions in the moment of truth when finding, considering and purchasing your product.

Why wouldn’t we want to choose in-person research as the preferred choice for identifying shopper insights? In-person research has often been seen as expensive, time consuming and inflexible when the modern day brand and category manager needs quick and cost-effective answers to their business questions.

Building on their world-class experience as the leader in packaging and shopper research, PRS IN VIVO has taken a new look and approach to achieving shopper reality in their unveiling of their latest developments with in-person research. Blending innovative biometric technology and AI with proven methodologies like eye-tracking, this new platform for in-person research is built to provide the nuances of qualitative and the projectability of quantitative research. Since “the shelf” is no longer strictly in stores, this in-person solution includes modules that also test product performance in the e-commerce environment.

In this presentation, PRS IN VIVO will share learnings from the ShopperLab where closer consumer connection yields deeper insights in the moment in which shopping decisions are made. This new approach to in-person research takes out the pain by making a flexible, modular approach that can be cost-effective and delivered in a timely manner, meeting the needs of the modern category manager.

Presentation type:

  • Other

Subjects covered:

  • Behavioral economics
  • Global/international research
  • New techniques – qualitative and quantitative


  1. In-person research can be cost- and time-effective, flexible and the most reliable path to understanding real shopper behavior.
  2. By including innovative biometric technologies and AI with proven methodologies like eye-tracking, in-person research can get you as close as you can to shopper reality, whether it is in the store or the e-commerce grid.
  3. Close consumer connection provides the most successful insights to understanding path-to-purchase that drive better business outcomes.


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