March 5-6, 2019

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Enabling Breakthrough Ideas through Innovation Pipeline Sprints

Hear behind-the-scenes lessons learned from the trailblazing team from a F500 food and beverage company that leveraged a five-day innovation pipeline sprint approach to revitalize their portfolios and fill their three-year innovation pipelines with meaningful, consumer-driven ideas. With iterative input from constant consumer touchpoints over five days, the teams transformed their historically linear process. The team will share the overall approach they took, key enablers that led to their success and lessons they plan to apply to future growth challenges. Courageous minds only.


  1. Why taking an entrepreneurial approach to tackle tried-and-true challenges leads to better, more consumer-centric results.
  2. How to keep your existing brands relevant in the face of market shifts.
  3. Leveraging jobs to be done and iterative, real-time consumer input enables stronger ideas.


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