March 5-6, 2019

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DIY Market Research: How Agile Start-up Culture is Transforming the Way We Grow and Innovate

Room 3 | 11:30-12:00 | Tuesday, March 5, 2019

“Innovate or die,” a phrase start-ups and high-growth companies have embraced. The pace of change in business has accelerated to the point where traditional market research is finding it hard to keep up. Enter: agile methodology and DIY market research. In this session, we’ll take a look at how marketers and insights professionals have applied learnings from start-up culture to sharpen their research process and deliver high-growth results.

If you’ve felt the pressure to deliver faster results with fewer resources, then this session is for you. You’ll come away with agile frameworks and a sense of how DIY market research can be incorporated into the research road map you already have today. Plus, you’ll get a few sneak peeks of how SurveyMonkey is innovating to enable more agile research via panel integrations, automation and AI.

Presentation type:

  • Case Study Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Global/international research
  • Industry trends – future of marketing research
  • Automated research


  1. How you can apply agile methodology to your market research road map.
  2. Ways DIY market research can speed up your pace of growth and innovation.
  3. An understanding of the tools available to enable your next DIY market research project.


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