March 5-6, 2019

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Customer Experience – Case Studies in Science-based CX

Customer experience and patient journeys require a sound science base if they are to reflect the true experience and provide actionable results. Customer types should be narrowly defined to the personality level and well beyond surface attitudes. The full armory of brain science must be applied to decision points. Links should be made to market segmentation where possible.

Physiology plays a role as well. How are the elements of satisfaction in a meal experience broken down? How does the context of eating a meal with friends at a restaurant compare to eating a meal while sick in hospital? How does physiology impact product choice in a supermarket or other retail setting? What research techniques can we apply to find out?

We will show case studies from the health care, skin care and food service industries and demonstrate how the principles we use apply to all businesses. We’ll also demonstrate how to apply brain science and physiology to customer typing and the underlying topic to produce superior results. And, this talk will address the vital link between CX and market segmentation.

You’ll leave this session knowing how to juice up your CX and patient journey studies past and future, while being assured of relevance and the great feeling of a project well done!

Presentation type:

  • Best Practice Workshop

Subjects covered:

  • Customer experience


  1. Great CX and patient journeys require a sound foundation of science.
  2. Customer types need to be profound and down to the personality level.
  3. CX can be strongly connected to market segmentation and in many situations it should be.


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