March 5-6, 2019

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Communicating and Persuading via Stories from the Conference Room to the Boardroom and Beyond

As the market research industry has come to realize that data charts often aren’t the best way to communicate insights, there’s been a rush to storytelling. In this presentation, we share tales of when stories work, when they don’t and how to craft persuasive presentations that blend storytelling techniques with consumer testimonials and persuasive visual displays of data to ensure that insights are understood and acted upon.

Presentation type:

  • Best Practice Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Storytelling/data interpretation


  1. Common pitfalls associated with the use of storytelling formats for research presentations and how to avoid them.
  2. How to analyze your audience to ensure success in connecting and communicating with them.
  3. How to blend stories, data, testimonials and other tactics to get your points across and into the long-term memories of your audience.


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