March 5-6, 2019

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Accelerate Relevance – Making Insights Sticky in Slippery Times

We’ve all felt the pressure of more information flowing in and our capacity to absorb it steadily diminishing. How do we sort through it, make the most of it and not feel “fear of missing out?” On the flip side, how do we assure that our clients/business partners notice what we send and get the value we offer? This presentation highlights three ways to make insights more relevant – and sticky – in today’s ever-changing information landscape.

Presentation type:

  • Case Study Presentation

Subjects covered:

  • Storytelling/data interpretation


  1. Information deluge and the impact on cognitive capacity.
  2. How to make insights more relevant to capture attention of clients/business partners.
  3. How to make insights more “sticky” – improving cognitive retention over time.


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