March 5-6, 2019

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Steve Cohen

Partner and Co-Founder, in4mation insights

Steve Cohen specializes in the design of research, the analysis of marketing data and the application of marketing science tools to the solution of business problems. He has conducted studies of consumer and business-to-business products and services around the world. In 2007, he founded in4mation insights with his partner Mark Garratt.

Steve is known for his pioneering work in choice-based conjoint (10 years before Sawtooth introduced CBC), his work in popularizing latent class models for segmentation and for being the one to introduce max-diff to our community in 2000.

Steve has published several papers, many award-winning, on new methods.

Sessions from Steve Cohen:

New Tools for Market Segmentation

In a complex world, increased competition, new channels of distribution and media and market fragmentation have led to greater product variety being offered by companies. Consumers are willing to pay more [...]


Wednesday | 3:15-3:45 | Room 5