March 5-6, 2019

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Preriit Souda

Director - Data Science, PSA Consultants

Preriit helps organizations answer different strategic questions by unraveling explicit and implicit human expression through mining of social and digital data alongside other data sources like consumer surveys, IoT data, CRM, mobile behavioral data, weather and locational data, etc.

Has won several awards including ESOMAR Best Paper (Global) 2017, multiple awards at MRS (Market Research Society U.K.) in 2016/17, ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) Rising Star-Gold 2014, Best Analytics paper at MRSI 2012. Preriit regularly speaks on industry platforms and publishes work; recent appearances and publications at ESOMAR, IIEX, MRS, MRSI, ARF, SRA, WARC, NewMR, AURA, CASRO, KD Nuggets.

Sessions from Preriit Souda:

The Symphony of Data: How Does it Sound When You Combine Digital Ethnography with Social Media and Geolocation Data?

Our presentation will discuss an ongoing research initiative between Netquest and PSA Consultants where behavioral app usage data, geolocational movement data and social media postings of consenting panel respondents is [...]


Tuesday | 2:15-2:45 | Room 2