March 5-6, 2019

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Peter Simpson

Principal, xsperient | Segmedica

With 48 years of business experience, Peter has lived in the U.S., U.K. and Belgium operating in most of the world’s major markets, including Japan, China and all of Europe. He has been a senior business leader in the specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology areas.

Peter’s skills include strategic planning, branding, health care marketing and innovative market research. He has conducted numerous research projects of all types and is an experienced interviewer and facilitator. He has been researching and developing psychology-based methodologies for medical market research for 12 years and has developed a number of novel techniques and processes.

Sessions from Peter Simpson:

Customer Experience – Case Studies in Science-based CX

Customer experience and patient journeys require a sound science base if they are to reflect the true experience and provide actionable results. Customer types should be narrowly defined to the [...]


Wednesday | 8:30-9:00 | Room 2