March 5-6, 2019

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Mary McIlrath

Senior Vice President/Partner, C+R Research

Mary McIlrath, partner at C+R Research, leads the Youth + Family division. C+R publishes YouthBeat®, the leading syndicated publication around kids, tweens, teens and parents. Mary has been consulting for 20 years with Fortune 500 companies on developing youth strategies. She collaborates with clients to leverage holistic, custom, syndicated youth insights into product, service and communication practices that meet youth’s needs while benefiting providers and consumers. A published author, sought-after speaker, adjunct professor and academic advisory board member of the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Mary holds a Ph.D. in communication and human development from the University of California-Santa Barbara.

Sessions from Mary McIlrath:

Winning Casual Dining with Today’s Teens

Olive Garden teamed up with C+R Research’s YouthBeat® analytics group to understand what is driving special occasion dining options for today’s teens. Utilizing their language (social media, photos, videos and [...]


Tuesday | 4:15-4:45 | Room 5