March 5-6, 2019

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Annette Tassone

UX Research Strategist and Consultant, IBM CIO Design, IBM

Annette Tassone has been conducting research, designing user interfaces and testing user experiences for over 20 years. Annette has a Ph.D. in applied psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology and has supported research and development teams across numerous industries and companies including British Airways, ADP, New York Life Insurance Company and Bell Laboratories. She is currently an IBM researcher and designer in the CIO Design group in New York, responsible for creating effective and enjoyable work experiences for nearly 500,000 global employees. She enjoys conducting informative research to gain empathy, evaluative research to gain clarity and the analytic aspects of investigational research. Along with several colleagues, she has had the opportunity to conduct large-scale studies on user sentiment as measured using the Net Promoter Scale (NPS).

Sessions from Annette Tassone:

Does Understanding of the Net Promoter Score Calculation Lead to Score Inflation?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has gained significant traction as a measure of customer sentiment and is being extended in large enterprises to measure employee sentiment of internal applications, Web [...]


Wednesday | 9:15-9:45 | Room 5