March 5-6, 2019

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Andrew Chizever

Senior Vice President, General Manager, LRW

As SVP and general manager, Andrew leads a team of multi-disciplinary researchers and consultants dedicated to helping brands shape their marketing and product strategies. Andrew takes an empathetic approach to research, incorporating a wide range of innovative research techniques and frameworks to provide a holistic understanding of the rational, implicit and emotional aspects of decision-making.

Andrew has more than 10 years of experience in research and consulting. He is also the lead consultant on the majority of communications testing research across the organization and was a key lead in the development of LRW’s ImpliCT ad testing methodology.

Sessions from Andrew Chizever:

Cash is Queen: How Millennial Women Are Shaping the Future of Money

Our client, Visa, wanted to understand how money is changing. Specifically, they wanted to understand the wants, needs and expectations of Millennial women. Millennials are the fastest-growing and largest population [...]


Wednesday | 9:15-9:45 | Room 1