March 5-6, 2019

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Amy Shea

Brand Experience Director, Ameritest

Born and raised in New York City, Amy has lived in Boston, Paris, Washington, D.C. and now, of course, Albuquerque. Amy works as brand experience director at Ameritest, happy to talk story structure, branded emotion and the controlling idea in narrative all day long. When she’s not helping develop analytic solutions, she’s writing about story research, proving that her previous life as a poet and essayist can actually get her paid. When not winning Ogilvy awards, Amy can be found at resale clothing boutiques, explaining why she needs another vintage jacket.

Sessions from Amy Shea:

Six Principles for Six-Second Advertising

More and more brands are beginning to run six-second ads but many questions remain as to how effective these shorter-form ads can be. Additionally, there has been very little consideration [...]