March 5-6, 2019

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Amanda Lipski

Director, Analytics, Olson Research Group

Amanda currently oversees design and analytics for both qualitative and quantitative research projects. After managing many of the more challenging projects as a project manager in her early years with Olson Research Group, she transitioned into a research analyst role delivering value both at the project initiation as well as interpreting the resulting data into research findings.

Amanda holds an MBA from Rutgers University in marketing and a B.A. in Biology and psychology from Franklin and Marshall College. She is certified as a Professional Researcher (PRC) and participates regularly in conferences and Web seminars to maintain this certification.

Sessions from Amanda Lipski:

Overcoming Inevitable Fieldwork Challenges with Health Care Professionals

The challenges in conducting marketing research with health care professionals are significant and often inevitable. Research agencies are vying for time with busy professionals and pharmaceutical research has become increasingly [...]