March 5-6, 2019

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Centrac – A Division of Veris Consulting is now Vault Consulting. Vault Consulting LLC offers full-service custom primary market research to strengthen decision-making for our clients working in health care/medical, B2B, industrial, consumer, intellectual property, associations and other categories. Using a consultative approach, Vault designs and executes innovative quantitative and qualitative research in the U.S. and globally. Balancing traditional and new MR, we are a leader in deploying emerging techniques for custom solutions including: B2B mock committees – recreate interdisciplinary decision-making processes and learn how to positively impact outcomes by observing key decision makers in action; virtual concept validation – simulate real-life scenarios (online or in-person) for hands-on interaction involving customers early and often to reduce risk; agile research – quick without cutting corners; video capture – embed an “answer by video” option to one or more open-ended questions in an online or mobile survey. We specialize in difficult-to-reach targets, innovative and fresh methodologies and transferring best practices across industries. Vault’s custom solutions also include a premier suite of highly specialized services in the areas of outsourced accounting and survey research.