March 5-6, 2019

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Kiosk S

Open Mind Strategy is a premium qualitative and quantitative research consultancy that specializes in uncovering deep audience understanding through proprietary, innovative research methods. OMS is committed to higher standards in the research process as well as maintaining data integrity and accuracy, simplifying the complicated and providing true actionable insights that drive business growth. OMS’s expert research team hails from diverse backgrounds in anthropology, marketing, agency planning and brand strategy and shares a passion for understanding what drives consumers to engage with and love brands. OMS has worked with leading clients including Amazon, ESPN, Facebook, iHeart Media, Conde Nast, General Mills, NBCUniversal, Hyatt, Viacom and more. OMS’s research and strategic offerings include brand studies, demographic and generational deep dives, content and ad assessment work, segmentation, insight and idea generating workshops and customized analysis exploring specific questions. OMS is a thought leader partner committed to helping shape the future of the industry with syndicated products and presentations highlighting key insights into generations and categories of interest.

Sessions from Open Mind Strategy LLC:

Millennial Parents: The New Family Dynamic

Open Mind Strategy (OMS) surveys and speaks personally with thousands of consumers every year via deep-dive techniques, including DiscoverJournalsTM, GroupStormsTM and in-home immersion. OMS Youth IQ is a quarterly survey [...]


Wednesday | 2:15-2:45 | Room 5