March 5-6, 2019

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Kiosk E

LiveShopper is a next-generation market research app technology that can be used in place of outdated methods such as customer surveys, panel research, mystery shopping, etc. The LiveShopper technology can be used independently or it can instantly be plugged into your existing mobile app. This would give any customer that already has your app the ability to complete a LiveShopper task. LiveShopper utilizes geo-targeting and crowdsources your actual customers as they go through their normal shopping and/or dining experience. LiveShopper is a better, more economical way to conduct research and consumer insights work while also being a tool to help drive revenue to your brand. Our platform allows you to control the incentive being delivered to each customer for completing a task. This helps drive business back to you and creates a more loyal customer. An incentive could be anything from a discount on their next visit, loyalty points, a free product or even something specific that is tied to a weekly/monthly promotion.