March 5-6, 2019

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Ivy Exec ( is a membership-based community of over 1 million high-caliber business elite, key opinion leaders, subject matter experts and the highly affluent. Our members possess great power, influence and specialized expertise that is tremendously valuable to market research firms conducting qualitative research. Today, Ivy Exec serves as a primary recruitment partner for over 70 market research firms (across industries) seeking to acquire insights from our global community. Ivy Exec leverages its membership and deep recruitment expertise to generate participants for studies ranging from telephonic, focus groups (online or offline) and online bulletin boards to in-person interviews, CATI and ethnographic studies. Demographic breakdown of Ivy Exec’s membership: average salary $236,000; 25 percent C-suite executives; 50 percent SVP-VP level; 25 percent director; 60 percent graduate degree holders; 10 percent Ph.D.s and nearly 80 percent have 10+ years of experience.

Sessions from Ivy Exec Inc.:

You Can Lead a Horse to Water But Can You Make Him Drink? Overcoming the Challenges of C-Suite Recruitment

In this session, we will share our key learning: What are the most common personality types in the C-suite? How do you effectively screen for the right business decision makers? How do you [...]


Tuesday | 9:15-9:45 | Room 2