March 5-6, 2019

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Booth 202

Civicom® is the global leader in serving the marketing research community with a strong industry presence in facilitating Web-enabled in-depth interviews and focus groups worldwide through Civicom CyberFacility®. We provide asynchronous research capabilities for online communities and online research studies through our online bulletin board platform solution Civicom Chatterbox®. We enable rich, in-the-moment insights for audio and video diaries, shopper insights, patient journeys and mobile qualitative research through our mobile insights app ThoughtLight®. We provide mobile usability testing, respondent recruitment, simultaneous translation and transcription services, along with Glide Central™, an intuitive online platform for video and audio content curation and management.

Expo experience:

Enjoy a Fun Civicom Scavenger Hunt and Test Your Flying Skills

[[ Booth 202 ]]

Civicom Marketing Research Services is hosting an epic scavenger hunt complete with:

  • An adrenaline pumping search for the stories behind two of Civicom’s amazing services
  • An awesome glider and a chance to win delicious chocolates!

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Go to or scan the QR code to download the TipTour app
  2. Log into the app and zoom out until you see a pin on the map
  3. Walk to the pin location and watch two 30 second videos
  4. Tap on the “Tours” button and select the “Civicom MRS Scavenger Hunt”
  5. Grab a glider at the Civicom MRS booth and toss it through our “ring of fire” and win some delicious chocolates!



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