For over 35 years, Quirk’s Media has been dedicated to promoting the understanding, use and value of marketing research and customer insights across all industries. Quirk’s charges no membership fees, offering a wealth of free resources including: original research technique articles; case studies; daily and weekly news reports; webinars; mobile apps; salary and industry studies; several LinkedIn discussion groups and comprehensive and up-to-date directories of market research product and service companies.

Quirk’s delivers the most free or low-cost resources assembled by an independent source, making us the top marketing research information provider with the largest global audience. And now we host the three largest insights events in the world.

Just like our in-person events, the center of the virtual event is THE CONTENT! Join us and gain access to over 20 amazing sessions per day! We will again be hosting Quirk’s Global on the event platform Pathable.    

Be sure to sign up for engaging content as well as the chance to connect with sponsors and other attendees!

Get everything you normally do from the comfort of your own environment with the Quirk’s Global Event.


Attendee education and learning are top priorities at Quirk’s Events. Many of the sessions are end-client/brand-led explorations of case studies, research findings and discussions of techniques in which speakers share real-world experiences, strategies and best practices. Vendor speakers are urged to focus on thought leadership and education and must adhere to our Quirk’s Q-Mandments and keep the emphasis on learning rather than selling.


Quirk’s Global Event offers great opportunities for networking. Attendees will be able to connect with sponsors by leaving a business card or reaching out to staff that is online. Attendees can also chat with any one on the platform throughout the event!


In our summer 2022 end-client survey, we found that 77% of end-clients use virtual events, like this one, to stay updated!

Just like the in-person events, attendees will range from people who are new to research to the CEO level. You’ll be among peers representing an impressive range of companies, industries and brands, from CPG to financial services, tech to fast food, hospitality to health care. In fact, the Quirk’s Events have more end-client/brand attendees than any other industry events and the Global Event is no different.