Deloitte Case Study: Customer Journey – Distilling Priorities in a Complex Environment

Health care consumers are unlike typical consumers. Their experiences are varied and complex as they engage with multiple parties on emotional and personal topics. Health care is not a simple, one-time transaction with a single seller. Health care consumers face a multitude of options for services and are forced to use a confusing payment system. And, as we all know, the stakes are much higher in health care than in typical consumer transactions. Given these complex and evolving dynamics, having an in-depth understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors has never been more important for health care players.

Deloitte needed to understand not just what consumers generally prefer from their health plans and providers, but how health care consumers make trade-offs when deciding what is most important to them in their health care experience.

Sixty-four interactions across the health care ecosystem were identified in the qualitative phase. They were worded directly in consumers’ language and phrasing. The challenge was having to prioritize such a large number of components, without ending up with results showing little differentiation. The TRC’s proprietary Bracket™ method was used, akin to those used in sports tournaments. Sorting and evaluating attitudes based on choice led to a prioritization of interactions and ultimately a stratified list of the most important interactions for consumers across their health care experience. When forced to make actual choices and trade-offs about what is most important between different dimensions of an experience, these consumer respondents provided us with meaningful insights. The method successfully identified the most important interactions while ensuring data and analytics quality and preventing respondent fatigue.

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  1. How to overcome the ‘too many options’ problem.
  2. Solving complex consumer prioritization challenges.
  3. Presenting results in the context of various stakeholders.


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Deloitte Case Study