Yes, There is a Better, Faster and Cheaper Methodology for Concept Testing!

Dannon Yogurt has a 35 percent market share in the hotly competitive market in the U.S. Its flagship brand, Activia, has been brilliantly marketed over the years as the No. 1 probiotic brand with “Take the Activia Challenge.” The Activia tag line, “It works or it’s free” has been a compelling tag line for Activia for years.

In the summer of 2016, it was time for a tag line refresh for the 2017 relaunch of Activia, and Dannon conducted a Prediction Market to identify which of the 13 proposed tags would motivate the most consumers to purchase the brand and which would be perceived as most believable. The results delivered clear differentiation across the 13 concepts and were delivered within five days of fielding.

In this session, Simone Schuster of Dannon and Chris Smith of Consensus Point will discuss how the innovative Prediction Markets methodology differs from traditional survey methods by leveraging “the wisdom of crowds” to predict outcomes. And, Simone will provide examples of the insights that made this decision much easier for the brand team.

Learn about this powerful alternative to traditional survey methods for concept testing and how it truly does deliver better, faster and cheaper insights!

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  1. What is a “Prediction Market” and how does this methodology differ from traditional survey methods?
  2. How do the results/insights of a Prediction Market differ from traditional survey methods?
  3. How has this methodology been validated?


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Yes, There is a Better, Faster and Cheaper Methodology for Concept Testing!