Bridging the Gap: Suppliers and Agency Collaboration on Quality

To everyone’s surprise, reasonable budgets and reliable results are not necessarily mutually exclusive. When large suppliers partner with local data collection agencies, end users and corporate researchers can actually have both.

GfK, one of the world’s largest and most recognized research suppliers, has a User Experience practice that is ISO-9001 certified and has strategically partnered with field agencies for data collection to streamline operations, reduce budgets and increase data reliability through their unique approach to collaboration. Marisa Pope from Jackson Research, in business since 1957, joins Korey Johnson of GfK-UX to discuss how their two companies worked together to establish quality protocols that ensure research insights are being driven by valid data collected from the intended consumer base.

In this dynamic session, participants will learn how these collaborations enhance the research experience from design strategy to execution and beyond. How putting experts in design together with experts in implementation provides stronger, more actionable insights and a deeper understanding of the consumers’ attitudes and behaviors.

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  1. How developing a comprehensive quality program improves service delivery.
  2. How developing formal partnerships strengthens an organization.
  3. How forging stronger bonds between the tiers in our industry provides better results.


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Bridging the Gap: Suppliers and Agency Collaboration on Quality