Target Research Group

Quality full-service, employee-owned company offering design, execution, processing and analytical services since 1986. Expertise in concept, product, advertising and package testing, as well as strategic research for food, beverage, personal care, other CPG, financial and media. New realtime insights™ provides instant online access to statistically-tested data in real-time. Our realtime insights LIVE enables you to watch and interact live with survey participants during the interview. Legal Research Group with expertise in claims substantiation, intellectual property disputes and misleading advertising issues. Branded services include AdTrac™ for copy testing; PowerTrac™ for concept and product optimization; ConTrac™ for concept screening; PriceTrac™ for price elasticity and optimization; ForeTrac™ for forecasting of new or restaged products; Cash Card™ for new product tracking and customer satisfaction via Internet or IVR responses and instantaneous rewards. New ALL-IN PLUS™ converges social media marketing with consumer research. Hands-on involvement by seasoned, senior management. Target Research provides value-added service at competitive prices.