Knowledge Navigators

Knowledge Navigators is the exclusive Red Centre Software distributor for USA and EMEA.

With Ruby, Laser and the associated software we offer a complete end-to-end solution for collected MR data to report the results of ad hoc as well as complex tracking studies.

The software can read various data formats, such as Excel, SSS, SPSS, Quantum, etc.

Ruby contains a large set of features and functions, such as cleaning, weighting, construct, verbatim coding, analysis, reports, tables and graphs. It can interact with MS Office, SPSS, R and VBA or Visual Studio for scripting. Customers can integrate output from Ruby in MS Word, Powerpoint of Excel for end-client deliverables.

Laser is our online interactive client deliverable portal for the MR agents and their end clients. It can also deliver the output on iPads, iPhone, smartphones and tablets.